First Cup: Tuesday

  • Chris Beaven of the Canton Repository: "Consider the Cavaliers open to anything as summer gets ready to heat up. That could mean a big trade or signing a key free agent. It could mean making a move on draft day later this week. What it means for sure is the Cavs have not set a particular path for the NBA Draft on Thursday or the start of free agency, looming next week. 'You can't have an exact road map,' Cavs General Manager Danny Ferry said Monday. Since their season ended abruptly last month, the Cavs have been rumored to be pursuing a wide variety of players either through trade or free agency (Shaquille O'Neal, Rasheed Wallace, Antawn Jamison, Charlie Villanueva, Vince Carter). Those are just some of the names being churned out by the NBA rumor mill. Ferry, as is his policy, didn't talk specifics on the validity of any rumors. 'We've talked to every team in the league, and we've had discussions about a lot of things with a lot of teams,' he said."

  • Michael Rosenberg of the Detroit Free Press: "Of the biggest potential 2010 free agents -- James, Wade and Bosh -- the Pistons have a realistic shot only at Bosh. And even that is uncertain. Waiting for 2010 is a risk for another reason: Everybody is doing it. If the Pistons save cap space for another year, they will plunge into a players' market -- at least 15 teams will be seeking to spend big, and the Pistons will have to overpay to compete. This is why Dumars likely will act this summer instead of next summer. You can expect him to add two significant pieces (not counting draft picks). With a lot of teams cutting costs and only a few swimming in cap space, the Pistons are in a position to grab very good players -- borderline All-Stars -- but probably not superstars."

  • Don Seeholzer of the Pioneer Press: "David Kahn said he had no problem with forward Kevin Love inadvertently breaking the new of coach Kevin McHale's departure on Twitter last week and apparently was serious. In a Monday afternoon post, Love wrote: 'met with our new GM David Kahn, straight shooter ... really wants to win and win now. Wasn't mad at my tweet, he wants me to more often.' Love said he posted the McHale news early last Wednesday without thinking after McHale called him and center Al Jefferson to let them know he wouldn't be back."

  • Mary Schmitt Boyer and Jodie Valade of The Plain Dealer: "Is Cleveland big enough for Shaquille O'Neal? Recent reports that the Cavaliers had renewed their interest in obtaining the Phoenix Suns' All-Star center prompted questions about how the big fella would fit in here. Literally. As big a presence as LeBron James is, Northeast Ohio may never have been home to a more imposing physical specimen (7-1, 325 pounds) with an equally big personality. Legendary Browns running back Jim Brown may have come close, but media coverage has changed so much since then that it's like comparing apples to oranges. Giant apples to giant oranges. Which brings up another question: What would O'Neal call himself here? Among other things, he has referred to himself as the Big Diesel, the Big Aristotle and the Big Cactus. What's next? The Big Pierogi?"

  • Ross Siler of The Salt Lake Tribune: "With their focus on Thursday's draft, the Jazz can't help but consider the possibilities that await next year, when they will own the New York Knicks' first-round pick. The Knicks finished with the Eastern Conference's second-worst record last season at 32-50. The more disastrous a season New York has, the longer the rainbow that could lead to a pot of gold for the Jazz. Even if the Knicks win the draft lottery, they would have to relinquish the No. 1 overall pick to the Jazz. ... Isiah Thomas originally traded the pick to Phoenix as part of the Stephon Marbury deal. The Jazz obtained it as the Suns made a luxury-tax saving deal, trading Tom Gugliotta plus two first-round picks to the Jazz for Ben Handlogten and Keon Clark. The pick was protected into the mid-20s originally -- including Nos. 1-22 this year -- but was left unprotected in 2010. That the Jazz could be left holding such a golden ticket comes as no surprise to ESPN.com draft analyst Chad Ford. 'Isiah was all about the now, he was never about the future,' Ford said. 'Maybe he knew deep down that he wouldn't be around to reap what he sowed with that one.' "

  • Eddie Sefko of The Dallas Morning News: "Dirk Nowitzki said in a German publication that he still wants to have a family, but 'it will not be easy to win my heart' after his relationship with former fiancée Cristal Taylor ended with a rocky, emotional split. Nowitzki spoke openly about his romance with Taylor for the first time to Bild Magazine. He covered many aspects of their time together, including how they met and their wedding plans, in a question-and-answer format. According to the article, published on Bild's Web site Monday evening and due on newsstands today in Germany, Nowitzki has started to feel better about his private life recently. 'In the beginning, I was very down and disappointed, sad and furious,' Nowitzki said. 'But I made a few steps forward and I think someday I will be over it totally.' "