Wednesday Mini-Bullets

  • Does anybody think the Wizards are done trading? I don't think the Wizards are done trading.

  • Hawks brass cautions that free agency may be a bigger concern than the draft. Hoopinion's Bret LaGree: "Note to self: spend time studying how players decline in the second half of their careers rather than how they improve during the first half."

  • James Harden, wearing sweet headphones.

  • More on the Thunder's signaling they may take Rubio.

  • Gregg Popovich has coached Richard Jefferson before.

  • The Sixers new logo is the Sixers' old logo, and that is pretty cool. They should make all the players dress in 70's chic, too.

  • Yet another Rajon Rondo trade rumor. They're all bogus. Right? The reason I can see that they might not be is that the Celtics' are on a bad path. They are getting older, and at some point soonish they will have on path to a championship. And that franchise doesn't play for second place! So, even though Rondo may be the best value long-term bet on the team, he's also for that very reason probably the guy with the value to change the team's destiny via trade.

  • Brandon Roy's game-winning celebrations win a "Worstie" award from Basketbawful: "I'm happy for the kid. I am. He hit a 30-foot bomb to give his team a two-point win over the Houston Rockets. But I don't want to see him posing like this unless he's in the middle of some kind of gamma ray-induced transformation."

  • The Heat have trade exceptions. Remember that.

  • D.C. Sports Bog: "Well, new Wiz (pending final approval) guard Randy Foye has a disorder where all his internal organs are reversed. That's quirky, anyhow. It's called situs inversus, it affects 1 in 10,000 people, and yes, it means that he'd theoretically have chest pains on the right side of his chest, and appendix pains on the left. And yes, it also means that Daniel Snyder is no longer the only D.C. sports figure who's heart is occasionally in the wrong place."