Thursday Bullets

July, 2, 2009
  • Trevor Ariza's agent is making noises about leaving the Lakers, but he has made noises before. The Cavaliers are said to be suitors -- and I'm of the opinion the Cavaliers need to add an active-bodied perimeter player like Ariza.
  • Allen Iverson, on Twitter, saying cryptic things about wanting to play for a coach who knows he'll bring it every night.
  • Steve Blake can hit the open jumper, and lead your children through the harsh wilderness to safety. (Via John Canzano)
  • Jerry Sloan and the Jazz were surprised to learn that the father of their prized new rookie, Eric Maynor, was once cut by Jerry Sloan.
  • Down at the bottom of this post you'll see speculation about Joakim Noah's playing on the French national team.
  • How the Jazz became a luxury tax paying team. Ross Siler of the Salt Lake Tribune says that's bad: "When the Jazz push their payroll past $70 million -- and maybe even $80 million -- it becomes much more difficult for Greg Miller to someday sit at a league meeting and advocate for more protections for small-market teams. Why would the owner of a big-market team make concessions in terms of revenue sharing and luxury tax when his team is being outspent by the Jazz in the first place?"
  • Rob Kurz is on the loose. Just be warned.
  • Hope in Clipperland, a rarity.
  • Candidate for Minnesota's head-coaching job: Portland assistant Monty Williams.
  • Josh Childress is visiting the Bucks today. Remember, though, he has a very nice contract waiting for him back in Greece, and this is the year of the opt-in. Who would turn down a contract based on sunny 2008 projections for a contract based on dour 2009 projections?
  • Very interesting little legal debate surrounding Michael Jordan, Nike, and Michael Jordan gear with Hall-of-Fame logos.
  • Ben Gordon on leaving the Bulls.
  • You know how Twitter can seem kind of big-time and futuristic? Other times it can seem much more down home and pedestrian, even. For instance, from the Bucks' official Twitter feed: "Luc Mbah a Moute will B @ Pick 'N Save in Burlington from 5:30-7pm 2nite! Its the Pick 'N Save nxt 2 Kohl's on 1008 Milwaukee St. C U 2nite!" Everybody got that? Luc Mbah a Moute, in the canned goods aisle.
  • Does Rasheed Wallace have the right temperament for the San Antonio Spurs? If I were to hesitate, his technicals wouldn't be the main reason. It would be because he has often shown a poor ability to handle big pressure games, with blown defensive assignments, disappearing acts on offense, and meltdowns. If things go well for the Spurs, they'll be in a lot of big games.
  • Getting harder to stick up for the Grizzlies, as they acquire Zach Randolph. I don't know how the decisions get made in Memphis, but I feel bad for Chris Wallace. He has to go out there and defend all these moves, but you know owner Michael Heisley must be playing a part.
  • The internet, where mistakes are well-documented, and sloppy work can haunt you.
  • Some insight into the Rockets' love of Marcin Gortat. Is he worth the full mid-level exception. Normally, a mobile, strong and tough big man who keeps improving would be worth more, but I suspect he'll get less.



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