David Thorpe Livetweeting from Summer League


David Thorpe is back for Day 2 with insights from courtside at the Orlando Pro Summer League (which you can also follow on Twitter).

His Day 1 coverage is here, and here's a preview, a schedule and results, and the address where you can watch the games for free online.

  • That's it for me tonight. Back tomorrow at 3pm.

  • Hibbert has some nice scoring moves around the rim and off the post.

  • Shaun Livingston sat out today. Not sure why yet.

  • Harden is crafty on defense too.

  • Don't ever think that playing well in summer league does not translate to the NBA. It does, but it still takes more work.

  • And he just made another 3.

  • Hansbrough does a great job of racing the floor.

  • Hibbert staying in the paint more today. That's a good thing.

  • And he just hit a 3!

  • Hansbrough will always be able to get buckets off garbage inside. That's a talent.

  • Westbrook is a killer off the dribble.

  • McRoberts looks stronger and is playing very hard.

  • Hansbrough and McRoberts playing together.

  • When I do my first rookie report, James Harden will be in the top 3. Book it.

  • Ibaka!

  • Thunder vs. Pacers.

  • Goran Suton has not been able to recreate his March Madness magic.

  • CDR has developed some as an athlete. More explosive.

  • Holiday is not a finisher yet, but he will be. He's big and craftier than you'd think.

  • Gotta love pg's who turn down the open layup to get a teammate a dunk. Nice job Kevin Krueger!

  • Terrence Williams playing some pg. Smart move-he plays like a lead guard. Point forward is the appropriate term.

  • Williams will look much better when surrounded with guys like Lopez, Harris, and Lee.

  • But it's a bad plan.

  • Speights said yesterday that he wants to shoot every time he touches the ball. He's a man with a plan.

  • The Jazz vets are going to love playing with Maynor.

  • The Utah staff has done an excellent job with this team today, after getting destroyed yesterday.

  • T Williams is an intriguing guy. He's a passer and a slasher, not a scorer. But he has potential.

  • Holiday is finally attacking off the dribble and it's made a big difference.

  • Derek Brown should be a good pro. I'm not sure he will be. He has to get a lot better.

  • Kevin Krueger has been knocking on the NBA door for 2 years. He will again this year. Very heady and tough, and can shoot.

  • Josh Duncan, from Xavier, has been good for years. He's already signed for next year in Belgium (an improving league).

  • Terrence Williams looks better offensively today. Holiday does not, so far.

  • I think CDR can be a good bench scorer, but only if he learns to do it without so many dribbles.

  • Eric Maynor reminds me of Howard Eisley, with a better upside.

  • OKC vs. Nets/Philly.

  • Guys are bent over and in unathletic positions, and they lose their balance.

  • Too many coaches are teaching players to sweep the ball low when starting a drive. That's a mistake.

  • Maurice Ager has played solidly. Another example, though, of how draft night does not make a career.

  • Ryan Anderson is the best player on the floor in this game. Pruitt and Karl the next best.

  • Pruitt is better now at finishing at the rim.

  • Chris Lofton is here with Boston also. That gives them 2 cancer survivors. Good for them.

  • Once again, I'm impressed with Coach Ewing. Smart things are just spewing from his mouth.

  • Russell Robinson, playing pg for Orlando, has been the best of the non-drafted guys I've seen thus far. Runs the team like a true pro.

  • Someone needs to tell Courtney Fells that electing to take step back 22 footers is not how you make a team.

  • Gabe Pruitt just had a great driving dunk. Like yesterday, he shows flashes. Flashes only.

  • One thing evident from these games over the years-few guards know how to attack ballscreens.

  • Karl just made multiple plays to get Boston back in the game.

  • JR Giddens is a monster athlete who still does not have enough skill. I like him posting smaller guys though.

  • Michael Sweetney is out today, tweaked his hamstring. Being wildly out of shape can not have helped.

  • Robert Swift may have the most ironic name in the league.

  • Ryan Anderson hits back to back 3's. He'll play some this year I think.

  • Coby Karl is playing for the Celtics. He is, without doubt, an NBA player.