David Thorpe Livetweeting from Summer League

July, 10, 2009

The NBA's Vegas Summer League is underway, and David Thorpe is on the scene, livetweeting away his best basketball insights.

You can pay to watch online here. You can follow Thorpe's Twitter feed here, and read his commentary from the Orlando Pro Summer League here. You can read Kevin Arnovitz' tidy summer league preview here. And here is a schedule of the many games taking place in Las Vegas over the next week and a half. Today's first game, Houston vs. Golden State, starts at 4 p.m. ET.

  • That's a wrap for today. Thanks everyone and I'll be back tomorrow.
  • DeRozan and Morrison playing well. Especially Adam. He has 5 boards. 5! That's a good thing for him.
  • But he has a bad habit of kicking his legs out in front of him when he shoots. No balance at all. Easily fixed.
  • DeRozan with the lob dunk!
  • Quincy Douby is liked by the Raps brass.
  • Morrison looking better as he gets comfortable.
  • DeRozan is not enjoying the Morrison chase.
  • Adam Morrison was assertive, not too effective. But he moved well.
  • Demar DeRozan has yet to do anything. Barely touched the ball.
  • Make it 8 pts in 3 mins.
  • Patrick O'Bryant. Ben scored 6 pts in less than 2 mins. 3 boards too.
  • Ben McCauley, an undrafted big from NC State, got the break of a lifetime at the start of this game. He was "guarded" by...
  • Lakers vs. Raps.
  • Pistons win by 9.
  • Casspi has a big burst of speed off the dribble and has an excellent playmaking sense.
  • Summers has been the best player on the floor.
  • Not as a back down guy.
  • Thompson is comfortable as a face up 4.
  • Evans is not close to the shooter OJ Mayo is, but he leans backwards slightly when he shoots. Like OJ. It's very hard to contest.
  • Kings got killed in the paint all year last season. Ditto today. Somewhere, Spencer Hawes is...
  • Donte Greene has been active. Thompson, not so much.
  • Austin Daye has shown some nice passing skills today.
  • Summers hits 2 quickies to start the half.
  • Jonas Jerebko, Detroit's 2nd round pick from Sweden, looks exactly as you'd expect. Tall and blonde. He's 1-6 with 4 fouls.
  • Tyreke: 4 to's and zero assists. Can you spell R-U-B-I-O?
  • Omri Casspi hits a sweet jumper, sandwiched between 2 to's. Then he "Gretzky'd" a pass nicely.
  • Jon Brockman has the kind of toughness the Kings need. But when your severely undersized 4 airballs an open 15 footer, there is concern.
  • DaJuan Summers had himself a good start. Imperative for guys like him. First impressions are big.
  • Evans has that great combo of length and craftiness.
  • I thought, a year ago, that the Kings got an extra lottery pick in Donte Greene. He'd have been one this year. He has to play like one now.
  • Austin Daye is so similar, build wise, to Prince. It's eery. He's sharp here early on.
  • Jason Thompson looks bulkier. Not as quick to rebound so far as I'd like to see.
  • Kings ran a post up for Evans right away. That's what they love about him.
  • Kings vs. Pistons coming.
  • Curry finished 4-14 for 16 pts. I suggested he was mike bibby without the baggage when I first saw him. That's how he played today.
  • Rockets won by 4. Randolph with the near triple double. 20pts. 10 boards. 9...fouls.
  • Dorsey finally scores! A field goal that is.
  • Mike Green, out of Butler, is playing for Houston. He's good, maybe NBA good.
  • Budinger is showing his talent. But not enough toughness. He needs to slow down and finish inside.
  • Curry to Randolph lob and finish. Curry loves to push. Randolph is a track star. Great combo.
  • @lanesy Depends on who's guarding him. Yes against some guys, but no against others. Some guys can get a shot against anyone. He can't.
  • Curry is playing like a borderline gunner. There is a line btween being a confident shooter and a shot hunter gone wild.
  • As a team, the Warriors are focused on playing good d.
  • James White playing for Houston. I've never been a fan. I'm still not.
  • Curry looking for shots. He's on the perfect team for that. He's going to be electric this year.
  • david b. thorpe Randolph settles too much on offense, but he's competing and is totally invested in the game. Great news for Warriors fans.
  • Curry has a quick and eager trigger. Still.
  • Temple went undrafted largely because be rarely scored. He has 8 pts on 3 shots. He's a classic "better pro than college" guy.
  • Curry now running 2 to Jordan.
  • The "best blogger in the building" (so dubbed by Kevin Arnovitz) just got an and1.
  • Chade Budinger has come out aggressive. Good for him.
  • ESPN's Jared Jordan in for Warriors.
  • Garrett Temple came in and immediately hit a j. He's been a favorite of mine for 3 years. I think he's an NBA player.
  • Curry is competitive on d, and has 4 fouls in 9 mins. One offensive. But he's not attempting to defend physically. He needs to.
  • Anthony Randolph is clearly the most talented player on this floor. But I wish he'd start more possessionsnear the paint on offense.
  • Joey Dorsey looks like he can be a similar player to Carl Landry. On d and and the boards.
  • Curry hits his first shot off a ballscreen. Gorgeous 3.
  • Curry running pg. Looks a tad more developed physically.
  • Acie Law immediately throws I out of bounds.
  • Rockets vs. Warriors coming now!



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