David Thorpe Livetweeting From Summer League


The NBA's Vegas Summer League is underway, and David Thorpe is on the scene, livetweeting away his best basketball insights.

You can pay to watch online here. You can follow Thorpe's Twitter feed here, and read his commentary from the Orlando Pro Summer League here. You can read Kevin Arnovitz' tidy summer league preview here. And here is a schedule of the many games taking place in Las Vegas over the next week and a half.

Thorpe begins his marathon session today at 6 p.m. ET with the Cleveland-L.A. Lakers game. 

  • My eyes have gone blind. My thumbs have blisters. Done for tonight. Back at 1pm pacific tomorrow.

  • Budinger looks solid. Aggressive.

  • Joey Dorsey is often compared to Carl Landry. That does not work for me. He can't score like Carl.

  • Beaubois with 10 and 4 with 2 to play in 1st half.

  • Nivens is scoring some, but rebounding helps him make the team.

  • I can't take my eyes of Beaubois.

  • Taylor is really strong too.

  • Joey Dorsey is a beast. Below the rim.

  • Jermaine Taylor in for Houston. Out for game 1 with a hammy. Very athletic dude.

  • James White does not.

  • Beaubois sees things.

  • Ahmad Nivins was the best Mavs player yesterday. He spent a week in our gym for pre-draft. Very talented athlete.

  • First time seeing Beaubois. Very quick guy.

  • Mavs Rockets.

  • Evans and Kevin Martin may lead the league as a backcourt in free throws attempted. Evans is tough to defend while not fouling.

  • Curry has exploded, now has 23. And he's given them a comeback lead, up 4 with 2 to play. Randolph dominant.

  • There is little that Randolph can not do.

  • Evans has a lot to learn about shot selection. But learn he will.

  • Donte Greene is playing inspired D. He has a future.

  • Casspi playing a little too fast, but I like what he sees.

  • Curry with back to back sweet buckets, the 2nd and And1 while twisting.

  • Randolph has electrified the crowd with 2 blocks. Both goaltends that were not called. But great stuff.

  • But he just got 2, including a tip!

  • Something is wrong with Thompson. He just barely nicked the side of the rim on a ft. And he now has 1 board in 15 mins. The same as McNeal.

  • Brian Roberts playing inspired D on Curry. Curry now 0-7.

  • Evans just eats up space on drives. He's all arms, and he uses that great body.

  • Thompson is racing the floor better. But I keep looking at his rebound totals. 4 in 30+ mins over 2 games.

  • Brockman just can not protect the paint at the rim. But he can get the rebound if someone else does.

  • Curry 0-4.

  • Casspi hit a long j. I didn't know he could do that.

  • Jason Thompson with 3 and 1.

  • Randolph with 8 and 6, a couple blocks and an assist in 1st qtr.

  • Donte Greene with a big time left hand finish. And1.

  • Curry back.

  • Evans not forcing anything, and seems locked into what he's being asked to do.

  • Curry tweaked something. Minor I think but they pulled him after just 1 shot. A forced 3.

  • Thompson made an athletic finish.

  • Kings playing Evans with McNeal. I don't get it. Evans will have to guard pg's during the season. I'd rather see a bigger 2 next to Evans.

  • Randolph with a nice pull up jumper followed by a nicer right hand drive and finish.

  • Donte Greene with a nice hesitate and go dribble move. He needs to slash more like that.

  • Thompson was poor yesterday. Now he's got Randolph, the best player here yesterday.

  • Kings-Warriors.

  • Lakers win. Ammo with 22. Danny Green with 16.

  • Ammo for 3 again. That's 4.

  • Jackson is showing nimble feet. He looks like he can help someone.

  • There is only one 1st round pick on the floor. Ammo.

  • Morrison still does not do much outside scoring. He is who he is. And he's still too skinny.

  • Danny Green is a scrapper. Nice when combined with long arms and a nice shot. He's interesting.

  • Danny for 3. He's a better shooter than people think.

  • Harrison competing hard. But not too effectively.

  • Robert Hite made a nice play for Cavs. He's right on the bubble to make a team.

  • Eyenga is struggling.

  • Alan Anderson doing some nice things for LA. Just "made two plays" (the name of my new blog) with a steal and finish.

  • Darnell Jackson passes the eye test. Can he pass the "player test"?

  • I've always liked Tarence Kinsey's game. I think he can be a bucket getter off the bench. But an improved 3 pt shot would help.

  • Mustufa Shakur with the Lakers. Looks about the same as ever.

  • David Harrison playong for the Cavs. He does not pass the "eye test".

  • Green on Ammo. And fouled him on a shuffle cut.

  • Danny Green starting for the Cavs. He was one of my favorite draft "sleepers".

  • Fyi-i'll be doing a live update on espn news at 7:15 eastern. Here comes the lakers vs. the shaqaliers.