David Thorpe Tweeting From Summer League

July, 13, 2009

The NBA's Vegas Summer League is in its fourth day of action, and David Thorpe is on the scene, livetweeting away his best basketball insights.

You can pay to watch online here. You can follow Thorpe's Twitter feed here, and read his commentary from the Orlando Pro Summer League here. You can read Kevin Arnovitz's tidy summer league preview here. And here is a schedule of the many games taking place in Las Vegas over the next week.

Today, Thorpe will begin his coverage with the Suns vs. Mavericks game at 6 p.m. ET. 

  • That's a wrap for today. Thanks and I'll be back tomorrow.
  • Great to see a big game by Joe Alexander. He's been really good.
  • We're seeing Brian Roberts vs. Jennings. Quick on quick.
  • Jodie Meeks looks good as a shooter.
  • Jenning just led a barrage of dunks with guys racing to the rim. Nice to see his interest in that.
  • Doing a quick interview on NBA TV. Back tweeting soon.
  • Jennings and Evans combined for 12 assists. 6 each.
  • Thompson looks like he's finding his way, mentally. But physically it's not happening. The mental is more important
  • Evans is doing better at finding guys. And the kings have made shots. He has 5 assists in 12 mins.
  • Evans is not very fast. But he's an expert at changing speeds and that makes him so much faster.
  • Evans and Jennings, between them, have accounted for 90 percent of the dribbles thus far.
  • Brockman has 6 boards in 7 mins.
  • Jennings took some bad shots right away. He's going to learn on the job.
  • Sorry. Had to step away for an espn news piece. Back in gym.
  • Clips win. Kings-Bucks next.
  • Griffin is a special athlete. Not because of his explosiveness. It's the combination of athleticism, power, balance, and coordination.
  • How nice would a Blake Griffin/Ricky Rubio pick and roll look??!!
  • Jordan's brain is a beat behind his game.
  • I know people are concerned that Gordon can get too big/muscular. I think he can lean out and still be powerful.
  • I'd like to see Ammo be more balanced when he shoots.
  • I like that the Clips are letting Blake rebound and run with the ball. It starts a great break.
  • Anyone defending Griffin has to stay balanced inside. Because otherwise he'll knock them down and get an easy dunk.
  • And he just had an impressive drive and finish.
  • DeAndre Jordan had a sweet lob dunk. But I like that he's working to set good screens.
  • Gordon explodes off screens for the catch perfectly.
  • Griffin missed an easy shot, but he earned it with a sweet middle attack-counter spin. He'll convert it 70 percent of the time.
  • Gordon trying to guard Ammo. Not easy in this setting.
  • Blake doing a lot of talking on d. Nice.
  • Taylor struggling mightily as a pg.
  • Griffin can afford to spend a little less time training, and a little more time learning and studying tape. His body is beastly already.
  • Eric Gordon could have a really tight body. He doesn't. Yet.
  • Blake just crushed a guy on a screen, for gordon. That is a big part of what he brings.
  • Then he tried to go coast to coast. Turned it over after 2 dribbles. But I like the confidence.
  • 3 ball!!!!!
  • Scored on a pick and roll. Absorbed the contact. Then hit a short j.
  • Griffin looks awesome. Before the tip anyway.
  • Blake is here!
  • Beaubois down.Left knee issue. Helped off court. Right to locker roon.
  • Darrell Armstrong coaching well for Dallas.
  • The vets play with intelligence, patience, and vision.
  • There is such a difference between rookie pg's who fly around and get little done, and the euro pros (from america).
  • I'd be excited about the 15 and 14 Lopez has, but Nathan Jawai is not as good as most centers in the pac-10.
  • Dowdell is terrific. Hokie fans be proud!
  • Lopez, like most young bigs, has no plan in the post when he has the ball.
  • For the first time I'm seeing some talent in Dragic. But it's not enough yet. Just not productive enough.
  • Taylor Griffin with a monster jam. Blake is smiling.
  • 2 airballs for him now. Looking more like a young TP. :)
  • Beaubois is both quick and crafty.
  • Robin Lopez can be an excellent player. Does he want to be?
  • One of my fave students just made 2 plays. Stole the inbounds and hit the long 2. Zabian Dowdell from Va Tech.
  • Nivins is everywhere.
  • Beaubois reminds people of Tony Parker. He just airballed a 10 foot jumper. Even so, I'm not ready to say that yet. But he's lightning.
  • Dragic showing some athleticism.
  • Earl Clark being held out with back spasms.
  • Mavs Suns in 10.



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