Mike D'Antoni: Worldwide

Posted by Kevin Arnovitz

New York Knicks head coach Mike D'Antoni's résumé spans the Atlantic Ocean. Before he moved stateside in 1997 to launch his career in the NBA, he was among the most successful coaches in Europe. He won two Euroleague titles as a coach. Equally important, D'Antoni developed his trademark coaching style that helped establish his standing as one of the most dynamic coaches in the NBA. Ask any player in the league which coach they'd most like to play for, and D'Antoni would probably win in a landslide.

As a veteran of professional basketball in both Europe and North America, D'Antoni is a good person to explain the presence of many European coaches and agents who are in Las Vegas to assess some of the less familiar names on the Summer League rosters and work out deals with them. D'Antoni used to be one of those guys here doing the evaluating.

He shared his thoughts on the subject with TrueHoop: