Welcome Eight Points Nine Seconds, and a TrueHoop Network Landmark

Eight Points Nine Seconds is an Indiana Pacers blog, and the newest member of the TrueHoop Network.

The site is, of course, named for Reggie Miller's legendary playoff performance. Blog founder Jared Wade (also of Both Teams Played Hard) promises that the site, while embracing today's news, tomorrow's projections, and last night's games will also lavish attention on ABA titles, Market Square Arena, and the period of Pacer history when everyone seemed to have sideburns.

We're thrilled to have Jared aboard, and not just because he's a good blogger.

Eight Points Nine Seconds is the 30th team blog in the TrueHoop Network. (It's also the 34th blog in the network -- Hardwood Paroxysm, Ball in Europe, the Painted Area and Wizznutzz are not team-focused.) As of today, all 30 NBA teams are represented. Hats off to Kevin Arnovitz for his hard work getting the network to this point.

I half expected to greet this day with a tongue-in-cheek link to the moment from "Return of the Jedi" when the emperor brags about the Death Star now being a "fully armed and operational battle station." But of course that segment concludes with a peaceful planet exploding, resulting in millions of innocents dying. That seemed to leave something of a negative vibe over the ol' 30-team party I had been hoping to throw.

So, welcome Jared, and let's see if we can celebrate without firing any superlasers.

UPDATE: Great news. Turns out I was confused. TrueHoop reader Brandon reminds me that all the innocent people died with the planet exploding at the end of "Star Wars," not "Return of the Jedi." The ewoks on Endor were safe. So, please, ladies and gentlemen, right this way! Please enjoy our fully armed and operational battle station.