You Know ... Ummm ... Brandon Jennings

Posted by Kevin Arnovitz

The Milwaukee Bucks became the first team to complete its Summer League schedule with their 84-83 loss to Toronto on Thursday afternoon. The Bucks have looked strong, particularly their starting guards, Brandon Jennings -- chosen No. 10 overall -- and second-round pick, Jodie Meeks. With each game, the pair of rookies have cultivated better and better chemistry, the kind of symbiosis you love to see in the backcourt. Jennings knows exactly when Meeks is ready along the arc for a spot-up, both on the break, and in halfcourt drive-and-kick schemes.

We caught up with Jennings after the game. Jennings spoke about the on-court dynamic between him and Meeks, but really lit up when we asked him about his new relationship with Steve Shenbaum, who coaches athletes on how to communicate with the media. Jennings has experienced a couple of hiccups in recent weeks. First, he threw a little trash talk Ricky Rubio's way prior to the draft. Then there was the somewhat incriminating, off-the-cuff conversation (in the eyes and ears of many) that made its way around the interwebs at lightning speed.

It turns out Shenbaum was also in Cox Pavilion to see some of his clients at work. After our brief conversation with pupil Jennings, we visited with teacher Shenbaum: