The Creatures of Summer League

Posted by Kevin Arnovitz

There's a very specific breed of NBA fan that populates the stands of Cox Pavilion at Las Vegas Summer League. This group is undyingly loyal, incredibly knowledgeable about the game its history and occasionally lacking in the self-consciousness -- or at least self-awareness -- that compels the rest of us to check certain social impulses.

Dan Steinberg was in Vegas. He described the menagerie of Wizards fans (with pictures!) he found there, and one particularly hilarious episode that included Clippers coach Mike Dunleavy:

I was sitting next to Clippers Coach and GM Mike Dunleavy, asking him a few questions, when a Wizards fan I've met once or twice came by. He was wearing an old-school Bullets t-shirt with a montage of photos from the glory days splattered across the front. He proceeded to stand directly in front of Mike Dunleavy and to ask me a few questions about the Wizards.

It was really one of the better moments of my career. I mean, just plumb in front of Dunleavy, with a giant photo of Wes Unseld on his shirt, asking me questions about the Wiz. Finally, Dunleavy asked this Bullets/Wizards fan whether he might move, so that he could, you know, see the basketball game.