Department of Shameless Promotion

Posted by Kevin Arnovitz

It's not unusual for struggling franchises to use elite visiting teams as vehicles to get bodies inside the building. Fans of the Clippers, Hawks, Sixers have all seen splashy ads in the daily sports section trumpeting a multi-game package that will offer them glimpses of LeBron, Kobe, KG, D-Wade, and 'Melo.

The New Jersey Nets have taken that model to new heights for the upcoming season. The team is advertising a promotion where the purchase of a 10-game package gets you five reversable jerseys, i.e. Devin Harris on the inside, Dwyane Wade on the outside. Nets Are Scorching explains that this is hardly a new phenomenon ... though this one has a whiff of abject desperation to it:

I remember when I first started following the Nets in the SportsChannel days, I would seethe when Spencer Ross and Bill Raferty would promote upcoming games by saying "come see Michael Jordan and the Bulls” or "Clyde Drexler and the Trailblazers.” Because going to see Drazen Petovic and Sam Bowie wasn't enough.

I guess the bright side of this jersey promotion is they haven't paired any Nets with an Eddy Curry Knicks jersey.

The Nets promotional office isn't composed of dummies. The five jerseys in question represent the No. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7 teams in road attendance for 2008-09, and No. 7 Orlando is almost certain to climb above Phoenix and Detroit in 2009-10.