Who's Excited for the All-Star Game?

The Mavericks have a clock on their homepage, counting down the days until ... the season starts? No ... until All-Star Weekend is in Dallas. (It's 174 days away.)

They also have a deal where if you buy a full season ticket, you can get a ticket to the All-Star Game.

The implication is that regular season Mavericks basketball is nothing like as exciting as a good All-Star Game.

As a basketball fan, I'm not feeling it. I'd much rather go to any Mavericks' regular season game than that exhibition session on the tail end of a big party weekend.

Regular season games generally feature things I like, for instance: players who really want to win.

Consider what Chauncey Billups told me after the 2007 All-Star Game:

"I didn't like it at all. I loved being here. I loved being a part of it, but I don't like it at all. We need something to make the guys play a little harder, to compete against one another. ... If I paid my hard-earned money to see KG and Kobe and Wade, I want to see them really play. You know what I'm saying?"

Seems to me that if you're into celebrity, glitz, partying and seeing and being seen (and I'm not opposed to those things, don't get me wrong) then the All-Star Game is 100% for you.

But if you're into basketball, then they might want to get a clock that counts down to, not February 14 when the circus comes to town, but to October 27, when the Wizards, and the NBA season, arrive.