Speaking for the Referees

Lamell McMorris represents NBA referees in their stalled talks with the NBA.

McMorris recently spoke to Brian Berger of Sports Business Radio, and painted a picture of David Stern as trying to send an emphatic message.

Of the meeting this past Tuesday between the NBA and the referees union, McMorris says:

I think that David Stern may have heard something that he didn't like and he just ended the meeting abruptly, yelled, screamed and said 'Go do your deal with Major League Baseball' and he threw us out.

McMorris says the NBA wants some older referees to retire:

I think the NBA wants to accelerate the departures of older referees without violating federal and state age discriminations laws.

And he is open to the idea that the league is using these talks to send a message to the Players Association in advance of CBA talks:

It's hard not to draw that conclusion. You have to ask yourself, is five or six hundred thousand dollars enough to lock out your employees?