LeBron James and the On-Air Marriage Ambush

The LeBron James "Shooting Stars" book promotion tour rolls on. Today he was on NPR's Talk of the Nation (which you can listen to online).

At one point a high school coach called in, praised James and his former high school coach Dru Joyce (who was also on the air), and then, in a way that surprised everyone ... asked LeBron James to please marry.

"Whoa," said the host.

But James, who has two children with his longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson, took it right in stride. "You know what's funny about that?" he said. "Me and Coach Dru had a long conversation about that about a week ago. Coach Dru is someone I always go to for advice and asked him about that. I think we came to the conclusion that you make that decision when you think you're ready for it."

Later he praised the caller for asking a "great question."

Well played.