Thursday Bullets

  • A suggestion, via Twitter, that a Bryon Russell vs. Michael Jordan match may be in the works.

  • LeBron James is coming to New York ... to promote the movie "More Than a Game." A Nike press release about the visit (taking place this Sunday), makes clear it will be another opportunity for James to demonstrate his lack of steadfast commitment to Ohio. One line that caught my eye: "As part of the celebration, James will be presented with an exclusive pair of Nike Air Max LeBron VII's featuring a New York City-inspired design created by local artist Tomokazu Matsuyama."

  • Imagining replacement refs.

  • I once read an interview with some celebrity, can't remember which one. She explained why she only did big budget movies: Studios will market the hell out of them, for fear of having a colossal failure. So they usually succeed, and make her look like a good investment! In those cases, the executives are emotionally invested, too. Their reputations are on the line. Cheap movies, though, can be dropped, without any reflection on the executives. So in some weird way, wasting money is the surest way to making money, if you see what I mean. Anyway, Rob Mahoney detects a bit of the same dynamic at the end of the Mavericks' roster. There are three candidates to cut, and one of them has a fat salary, which may help him stick around. The team has to pay either way, but cutting a guy like that, having once invested so much, could be an embarrassing admission of defeat.

  • The Suns get a sponsor on their practice jerseys.

  • An inspiring tale of overcoming cancer, starring three miniature NBA basketballs.

  • Jared Wade of Eight Points Nine Seconds: "Not only is he an All-American basketball player, but Tyler Hansbrough is, to my knowledge, the first NBA star to also crossover into the social networking-based dog-catching profession."

  • Morris Almond, a former Jazz pick and a fine young man (who once wrote for TrueHoop) will be in camp with the Magic. Ross Siler of the Salt Lake Tribune: "Almond was widely expected to go to camp with New York after playing in summer league with the Knicks. Instead, he'll get the chance to prove to the Magic that they never can have enough three-point shooters. I've said it here before not to count out Almond. He's been a slow starter his entire basketball life, whether it was being stuck in Josh Smith's shadow in high school or his first two college seasons at Rice. We'll see ifthe pattern repeats itself in the NBA."

  • David Stern talked NBA basketball in a barbershop in Harlem. TrueHoop reader Armando Lara-Millán (Fellow of the American Sociological Association, MFP, Department of Sociology at Northwestern University) writes: "What is interesting to me is that the issues that come up are the issues that continue to strike NBA fans of color as policy inspired by racism -- The NBA age limit rule, the dress code, and the fallout from the melee. I was reminded at why these these issues continue to drum up discussions about racism amongst any group of NBA fans of color: a big organization is attempting to regulate a group of people of color so that they behave morally and ethically in ways that are comfortable for white fans. You will notice, actual talk about the content of NBA playing is very limited."

  • "Black Rushmore," a new Gilbert Arenas tattoo.