Marquis Daniels and Twitter 101

The other day, Utah Flash owner Brandt Andersen told Salt City Hoops that if he were advising an NBA player, he'd tell them to avoid social media:

I love Twitter; I love reading what these guys are saying. It's great for fans, and it's great for the writers. I mean, you've got Allen Iverson breaking the story on Twitter about signing in Memphis. It's an incredible look into the world these guys live in, and I love it. But my point is that they're always just one tweet away from embarrassing themselves ...

That tale seems especially relevant now. Right, Marquis Daniels?

Last night, Zach Lowe of Celtics Hub e-mailed somewhat alarmed to have seen that Marquis Daniels had tweeted this:

Any body got a rednose pit dat u wana breed wit my Orlando raised brown eyed Doberman I have her tail n ears clipped...she's a prize fighter

Holy ghost of Michael Vick. Please, Mr. Daniels, on behalf of the Celtics and all that is holy, explain this in a way that makes sense. You are not really bragging about your prize fighter of a dog, right?

Lowe reached out to Daniels by Twitter last night, and got a couple of quick denials that this is what it appears it might be:

  • celticshub it was a joke towards someone I kno back in orlando alot of my posts r me joking on someone

  • wat did u think I was talkn bout....lmao, ion even like animals wit teeth....lol

Two people who know Marquis Daniels say exactly the same thing: Daniels is the kind of guy who would make an outlandish joke on Twitter. But he is not the kind of guy who would fight dogs.

A scan of Daniels' now locked Twitter account reveals all kinds of madness, including one of my favorites, a food review:

da rib man outside of cleos got drugs n his sauce....make u call on ppl u ain't never seen before like JES-US dis s--- good

Casimir K. works for Colourful Money, the firm that designed Daniels' Twitter page. He confirms that this Twitter feed really does come from Daniels the player, and that Daniels is no Michael Vick.

"No not at all," he explains. "He doesn't have time for that. He doesn't do much of anything besides basketball."

But is Daniels the kind of guy to say outrageous things in the name of comedy?

"Yes. He's a silly, down-to-earth, cool dude," says Casimir.

And, apparently, he does not have anything to do with fighting dogs, despite what you may have read on Twitter.

I'm thinking that next time, it might be smarter to skip that particular joke, or have you considered a text message?