Monday Bullets

  • Kobe Bryant called Hakeem Olajuwon, and Mark Berman of MyFoxHouston reports on the tutorial that followed: "'He gave me the biggest compliment,' Olajuwon said. '(He said) You are the best (at the) mid-post and post move. He wanted me to show my moves to him.' Olajuwon said his style of play in the paint is really suited for a guy like Bryant. 'In my mind most of my moves for a guy (with) that agility can use it better than the big guy. Because my moves are not really for the big guy. It's for the guards and small forwards. So he would benefit most on the post because of his agility. It was so much fun because how he picks it up. I worked with him for two hours, step by step.' Olajuwon expects Bryant to be even better than he was last season when he led the Lakers to the NBA Championship. 'Adding those moves to his game, watch out for him this year,' Olajuwon said."

  • Another health setback for Mike Dunleavy -- the Pacers say he won't practice until November at the soonest.

  • Is Tracy McGrady ready to go? He was expected back from surgery in December. UPDATE: Not so fast. November 23, at the earliest.

  • NBA referees calling your local high-school game? Mike McGraw of the Daily Herald: "Locked out NBA referees Danny Crawford and Marc Davis will stay in shape by working three fall-league high school games at the Bulls-Sox Academy in Lisle on Sunday night."

  • Heli-skiiing to a Nirvana soundtrack, flipping a jet ski, and playing in a charity game against Scottie Pippen ... video highlights of the athletic life of Mikhail Prokhorov, would-be Nets owner.

  • PG-13 for language, talk of sex, the number of mouse clicks required, and mainly just craziness ... a longish imagining of various things about Dirk Nowitzki.

  • Randy Foye's harsh family tale, as told by the Washington Post's Michael Lee: "His father, Antonio -- whom Foye only faintly remembers -- was killed in a motorcycle accident when Randy was just 2 years old. Three years later, his mother, Regina Foye, climbed into a truck and disappeared. To this day, Foye doesn't know if he was abandoned or she was murdered. Her whereabouts remain a mystery more than 21 years later, but her likeness is tattooed on his chest. Foye said relatives sometime weep when they see his 20-month old daughter, Paige, because she bears a striking resemblance to Regina." (Via Truth About It)

  • Quotes about Devin Harris, Courtney Lee, Terrence Williams, Brook Lopez ... the Nets don't have a title team right now, but they're assembling a growing list of keepers.

  • Jessica Camerato of WEEI on Shelden Williams as father: "'He was the most supportive person ever,' [his wife, and WNBA star Candace] Parker said. 'I was working out a lot during my pregnancy, and after practice was over he'd stay at the gym with me. I'd be at home and he'd make me get off the couch and go work out because he knew how bad I wanted to come back after my pregnancy. He was great about if I wanted something. Vanilla wafers were my favorite thing during pregnancy, so he stocked up on vanilla wafers for me and he was just really great. He was with me from the start to the finish. He was very into it, he made all of the doctor's visits that he could. I'd reschedule them so he could be there, so he was very supportive."

  • A blog is aiming to take 400 kids, who couldn't normally afford to go, to an NBA game.

  • Daryl Morey gets a contract extension.

  • Quincy Jones' brother, a respected Seattle judge, is presiding over one last legal fight about the Sonics' departure: Season ticket holders say they were deceived, in marketing materials, into thinking the team had committed to stay. The judge threw out many aspects of the case, but the essential deception claim is intact and headed to a jury to decide damages. (Via SuperSonicSoul)

  • The Blazer off-season -- fruitless pursuit of Hedo Turkoglu, Paul Millsap and maybe Lamar Odom -- has been called a waste. But it resulted in Andre Miller and Kevin Pritchard is happy and optimistic. "This is a team that we believe in ... we want to win our division and then we want to go deeper in the playoffs. ... We're not afraid to say we want to go deeper in the playoffs."

  • If you see Bucks guard Charlie Bell working at your local Wendy's, order the 10-piece chicken -- he serves up 11 just because.

  • UPDATE: A must-read tribute to Jim Carroll, basketball player who shared the court with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, had drug trouble, and became a professional artist and writer. You probably know his book "The Basketball Diaries."