Media Day Roundup

This post will be updated throughout the afternoon.

  • Corey Brewer says that to him, Manu Ginobili is the toughest guy to guard in the NBA.

  • Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo, as quoted by @StackMack on Twitter: "I ran out of players to trade."

  • Nate Robinson says he's not bitter about not getting a longer deal, and that the Knick coaching staff has been working "to perfection."

  • Lots of livestreaming. For instance, Brandon Roy is video chatting right now. The Spurs are streaming live. The Warriors. Many others.

  • "Seeing my name on the jersey, it's really starting to hit home -- man I'm really in the NBA. It's awesome." -- Blazer rookie Jeff Pendergraph

  • Brian Windhorst, on Twitter: "Delonte West declines to comment directly on arrest. He is in good spirits."

  • Mike D'Antoni, via the Knicks' official Twitter feed: "I don't see why we can't put five guys out there 6-8 or over. We got some guys who can do some things ..." Knicks taller than 6-8 include Jordan Hill, Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, Al Harrington, David Lee, Jared Jeffries, Darko Milicic and Eddy Curry.

  • What about Eddy Curry? Marc Berman tweets: "Curry has lost weight but must lose grotesque Media Day beard. Curry already missed last 4 pre-camp workouts with hamstring and calf."

  • Michael Lee of the Washington Post: "Gilbert Arenas decided that he didn't want to pay a hefty fine so he spoke with reporters. Arenas purposely tried to be subdued, surly and serious and sounded reluctant to speak at the beginning. He scowled, offered simple, short answers and mumbles. But he wound up talking for about 30 minutes, adding some jokes from time to time. The man can't help it. The biggest thing he had to say was that he was done being an entertainer. No more Agent Zero. No more hibachi. No more antics. No more blogging. And he says he has no plans to get on Twitter. Arenas said he is focused only on playing basketball and being more a leader for the team."

  • Doc Rivers says Kevin Garnett has no medical restrictions. UPDATE: Jonathan Abrams of The New York Times tweets: "KG: ready to go and been playing 5-on-5 since last week. Still no explanation for why the injury took so long to heal."

  • Phil Jackson, like Mike D'Antoni (above) is dreaming of a large lineup of Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest, Lamar Odom, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum.

  • The Celtics have won 17 titles, but have 18 banners hanging in their practice facility. The last one is blank. Doc Rivers says it was Red Auerbach's idea.

  • The Rockets have this video.

  • Brian Windhorst: "An omen? Complete power failure at Cleveland Clinic Courts."

  • Ben Q. Rock of Third Quarter Collapse, via Twitter: "Just walked up to Adonal Foyle. He was talking about socialized medicine."

  • The leadership in Orlando -- Otis Smith and Stan Van Gundy -- get contract extensions.

  • BlazersEdge quoting Greg Oden on Taylor Swift getting interrupted by Kanye West: "If I was 17 years old and somebody did that to me, I'd be in the back crying."

  • Gilbert Arenas says his personal trainer, Tim Grover, will be coming to Washington to teach the training staff. Bullets Forever quotes: "What NBA staffs don't have, he has. He has a person who does acupuncture. He has a chiropractor, he has PT people. He has it all in one facility, so you get all the treatment you need right there. The stuff I needed, we didn't have here."

  • LeBron James says he may or may not play for Team USA in the World Championships next summer.

  • Stephen Jackson is still unhappy, and Monta Ellis is getting in on the act, too, saying he can't imagine starting alongside prized rookie Stephen Curry. Marcus Thompson on Inside the Warriors: "'I can't.' Why not? 'Cause I can't.' But why not? Too small? 'I just can't. I can't. Can't win that way.' Monta went on to say if coach Don Nelson -- who has been saying all offseason he wants to play them together, is hoping to re-create the Ellis-Baron Davis tandem, it ain't happening because, and I am summarizing here, Curry ain't Baron. He doesn't have Baron's experience and size to make it a productive backcourt."

  • Ron Artest tweets that he recently learned he, and his proposed reality show, are too "ghetto" for BET. I'm thinking this is one reality show that belongs on the internet.

  • Good day for rookies. Sacramento's Jon Brockman: "Just put my full uniform on for the first time. WOW what a great feeling."

  • Larry Brown, using the media to needle Alexis Ajinca.

  • Frank Dell'Apa of the Boston Globe, quoting Rajon Rondo, who would like a contract extension but is trying not to think about it too much: "I want to be wherever I'm wanted the next 10 years; if Danny wants me, I'll be here the next 10 years. I have sat down with Danny [Ainge], but we didn't speak about contract, we talked about expectations for the season. I try to focus on -- trying to get a ring, got to get one this year."