Thursday Bullets

  • "When we put pursue universal principles ... we do ourselves a massive disservice." That's Malcolm Gladwell talking about coffee, but it applies to analyzing basketball players.

  • Chris Paul says his dad spent his entire 401k on his kids' AAU basketball. Wow. Paul says he also had to have a 3.0 grade point average or his parents wouldn't let him play.

  • The NBA has a real tap-dance to do, talking about replacement referees. They sell us on the integrity of the game with promises of the best referees in the world. Now those same people have to sell us on the acceptability of a whole other bunch, including some people they previously fired for incompetence. So ... does the NBA demand the best referees in the world, or not?

  • The Maloofs say they won't apply to relocate the Kings before the March deadline.

  • Brian Windhorst of the Plain Dealer: "Delonte West is at Cavs practice, more info to come."

  • Everybody's talking about the important new addition to the Spurs. Richard Jefferson? Try Antonio McDyess.

  • A video report on the Wizards' four candidates -- DeShawn Stevenson, Mike Miller, Randy Foye and Nick Young -- to start at shooting guard.

  • Zach Harper of Cowbell Kingdom: "Sean May made weight (sub-265 lbs.), which earned him the final $100,000 of his contract this season. I on the other hand decided I didn't want to walk up the stairs to my bathroom and weigh myself, so I stayed downstairs, watched the latest Sons of Anarchy, and paid my DirecTV bill. So he made 100 Grand by not eating 100 Grand and I gave a big corporation $115 dollars. I can totally relate to his life."

  • If Blake Griffin signs your sandwich, and you eat it, will it make you more Griffinish?

  • When Carlos Boozer is healthy, the Jazz have been really good. The Jazz play tonight, in the pre-season's first game against the Nuggets. Hopefully Hall-of-Fame coach Jerry Sloan won't have to deal with traffic. Ross Siler of the Salt Lake Tribune writes: "Sloan's commute to the Jazz's practice facility has been negatively impacted by construction for a new highway off-ramp for a Karl Malone Toyota dealership. 'I'm going to get on his butt and see if he can get that done with,' Sloan joked."

  • The NBA has e-mailed to say that any reports that the league has told people not to shake hands ... are false.

  • Channing Frye on Inglorious Basterds: "It is really a bit graphic at times but, no lie, so is life. The one thing I really can't get enough of is the great dialogue. The conversation between characters is what makes the movie, what molds the storyline, what draws me in. The action and craziness gives me a cherry on top."