Kevin Garnett on His Knee in Action

Whether or not Kevin Garnett is at 100% could decide little things like ... the championship.

So, with training camp underway, how's that knee feeling?

Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald:

"It's crazy," Garnett said after his second practice of training camp yesterday. "I was over there talking to Tony Allen and he was telling me about his knee, and he told me, 'Kevin, don't think about your leg,' and I try to keep that in the back of my mind. I just try to play, man."

Allen, who has repeatedly struggled with post-surgical confidence issues, knows of what he advises. And it didn't take long for Garnett to absorb his first test.

"Today I got kicked in the leg, hobbled over, worked it out and two seconds later I was back on the court," he said. "Those are all the signs of good basketball. There's going to be contact, and you just have to work through it. ...

"It's not a matter of what I can't do or whatever -- just from power and strength and not having the option to play, is difficult," he said. "Like you see when I sprint, I can't just (makes sound of revving motor) like I want to. Eighty-five percent, 90 percent would be pretty accurate."