Will Leitch Visits Stephen A. Smith

You have to head over to Deadspin to check out blogger Will Leitch's trip to be in the studio audience of Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith. It's a good read--complete with a trip to the peep show across the street, directions to get into the studio audience yourself, and insight into how to get your question chosen to be read on the air. As a bonus, he offers insight into Stephen A.:

Whereas some "live" hosts banter with the audience at their tapings Jon Stewart is the master of this Smith is ill at ease, wary, suspicious, like the audience is a wild dog loose in the room. He also has a bad tendency to betray the real reason he's in sports "journalism;" he bragged several times about "hanging with A.I." at a Reebok party that evening and snickered to guest James Hasty that ESPN.com columnist Michael Smith who appeared on the show via remote was a "TNT type of guy," whatever that means. When an audience member asked him how she could make it in journalism, his answer was depressingly direct: "Network. You have to know the right people to get to where you need to go. That's the truth."

Leitch gets to ask an audience question on the air, and mentions his website Deadspin. Not surprisingly, Smith belittles the website and its name. Strikes me as foolish. If everyone keeps up the kind of work they're doing now, in a few years, Deadspin will be a bigger name than Quite Frankly. I guarantee it.