Sam Smith: Larry Brown's Return "Untenable"

June, 6, 2005
On Saturday, I suggested that Pistons' Coach Larry Brown should not be welcomed back in Detroit. This morning, veteran NBA columnist Sam Smith implies that he knows the Detroit leadership agrees, and takes the theory a few steps further:

Don't be surprised if Brown, even after this dance with the Cavaliers, goes to the Pistons after the season and says his health will allow him to coach and that he wants to return.

Brown and everyone around the Pistons know that's untenable now. So the Pistons would terminate his contract, leaving Brown free to pursue the other jobs he has been eyeing all season. Then he could say to all his critics he never was lying, it all was media gone mad, and doesn't everyone owe him an apology. Then he can head off to run the Lakers if Phil Jackson turns them down, as some have speculated.

Cavs insiders believe Brown is so far down the road toward being the team's next president they'd be surprised if he doesn't take the job.



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