The Zen of Cleveland

I'm a little shocked that the editors of The New York Times splashed an article across the top of their sports section that has as its sole interview source a guy who works for an insurance company in Cleveland. Dean Williams doesn't even have anything all that interesting to say, but he does use his spare time to head the Jijuyuji Zen Group of Cleveland, and that opens the door for columnist Harvey Araton to wax poetic about the idea of Phil Jackson settling as Lebron James' next coach in Cleveland:

Even Cleveland bashers have to admit that the northern Ohio city has more to offer Jackson in terms of coaching curb appeal, starting with James, a young and unspoiled star, and the likelihood of salary-cap flexibility to attract complementary talent.

He makes an excellent point.

Watch Phil Jackson's decision making closely in the next few weeks. Anyone can tell you that if he's making a decision that's purely about basketball, he will go to Cleveland.

The New York Knicks and the Los Angeles Lakers have chronically flawed rosters and little ability to build toward a championship. Those are places to go if money, prestige, media, or personal issues (including a girlfriend in L.A.) are most important. I respect Jackson's right to decide based on whatever he wants, but I'm in it for the basketball, so I hope the best coach in the game goes to coach one of the best young players in the game in Cleveland.