John Hollinger's Updated PER Stats

The good news is that ESPN is making John Hollinger's much-admired player rankings constantly updated for ESPN Insider members. The bad news is that some great players didn't make the list, and Jason Kidd is aging right before your eyes (45th in the league). You'll have to click over to ESPN to see all the numbers, but as a special treat, here's a glimpse at the top fifty with some of my thoughts.

Elton Brand Now everyone loves him.
LeBron James Yup, says America, I think I've heard of him.
Allen Iverson All those assists!
Tim Duncan People just expect it of him. He only makes news if he isn't way up here.
Dwyane Wade
Dirk Nowitzki
Paul Pierce
Kevin Garnett
Chauncey Billups I would normally say that this is an example of a player who does a lot without getting big numbers, but did you see the 28 points and 19 assists?
Kobe Bryant I love this rankings system just for somehow placing Billups ahead of Bryant. If fantasy leagues did that, I'd start playing again.
Marcus Camby
Jermaine O'Neal
Chris Bosh Playing well enough to have Phil Jackson risk tampering charges.
Michael Redd
Yao Ming
Rashard Lewis
Gilbert Arenas
Tony Parker After a great start, he replaces Manu as the Second Spur.
Zydrunas Ilgauskas
Manu Ginobili Tony in his sights.
Carmelo Anthony
Pau Gasol
Chris Paul Check out the order of the point guards in this list! Most people would start with Nash or Kidd. PER says Iverson, Billups, Arenas, Parker, Paul... keep reading!
Steve Nash Wow. Playing second banana to a rookie. Chris Paul is already answering one of the big questions of the season.
Channing Frye Meet Isiah Thomas's new pet rock.
Ray Allen I'm guessing that a few months ago the people in Seattle thought there was no chance he would be ranked lower than Channing Frye.
Shawn Marion He can play on my team anytime.
Rasheed Wallace
Vince Carter
Caron Butler
Mo Williams America asks: where's Grant Hill?
Lamar Odom
Mehmet Okur
Dwight Howard He's the future, but this is the present.
Richard Jefferson
Wally Szczerbiak
Drew Gooden
Jason Terry
Brevin Knight
Richard Hamilton There are a lot of Pistons in this list, but no Ben Wallace and no Tayshaun Prince? The whole thing is called into question.
Shareef Abdur-Rahim Hands up any one who wants this guy more than Ben Wallace.
Brad Miller Hey, look at the Sacramento buddies. Where's Bibby?
Sam Cassell
Sarunas Jasikevicius In today's New York Times, they say he's from Maryland and Israel. (It has been corrected online.) He's from Lithuania, and he's ranked ahead of...
Jason Kidd No matter what Dave D'Alessandro says is wrong with the Nets, the biggest problem is this guy being way the heck down here.
Devin Harris
Ron Artest He has taken a tumble. Less than a month ago in the Roland Ratings Artest was top-four.
Shane Battier
Speedy Claxton
Alonzo Mourning