Celtics Blog: Ainge Gets an A- for the 2005 Draft

Wrapping up a multi-day review of Danny Ainge's performance, CelticsBlog has this to say about Ainge's 2005 draft picks Gerald Green, Ryan Gomes, and Orien Greene:

Gerald was a top 3 talent and many GM's passed on him for one reason or another. Ainge rolled the dice and it has yet to be seen if the kid will be closer to Tracy McGrady or Kedrick Brown. Danny gets credit for taking a chance but if the kid works out we'll remember that he fell into our laps. Any one of us would have made that pick. Gomes too was a no brainer, but he's still a good value at the spot he was picked. Orien Greene is the most obscure pick but he's already put himself into the point guard rotation. If he continues to hit mid-range shots, he'll be hard to keep off the floor. No complaints so far.

Ainge went into that draft with the 18th, 50th, and 53rd picks, and appears to have come out with three legitimate NBA players. Picking that low without any misses is tough.