Bill Laimbeer Talks Knicks

A few years ago, before he returned to the game as a great WNBA coach, I interviewed Bill Laimbeer for an Inside Stuff story. At the end of the interview, I asked him if he missed basketball. Without hesitating one iota, he spurted "I don't miss the game, I just miss the money."

Hilarious. (But imagine the uproar if Latrell Sprewell said that!)

Now there's a report that he has talked to his old teammate Isiah Thomas about coaching the New York Knicks.

Something about that just feels right to me. Having Phil Jackson or Flip Saunders in New York seems wrong--that roster is not ready for a championship coach, and might not be for some time. But Laimbeer appears to have what it takes to succeed on the bench. We all know he's tough as nails. The New York fans and press won't eat him alive as he guides the team through the .500 seasons they are sure to have. He can work with Isiah Thomas. And he could turn out to be the best coach of his generation for all we know. I'm all for it.