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Tuesday, May 18, 2010
David Stern didn't rig the lottery

By Henry Abbott

J.E. Skeets did. Seriously, watch him put his Skeetsian mind meld on this poor defenseless Toronto psychic.

She basically said the Nets were going to win tonight's lottery for the simple reason that Skeets told her to say that. Until he intervened, she was saying the Knicks were going to win the lottery, which would be a tough call, as they have just a 2.2% chance of winning, and owe their pick to the Utah Jazz anyway.

If Giovanna has sway in the spirit world, Mikhail Prokhorov owes Skeets a jet ski or something.

Seriously, though, I am headed to the lottery tonight -- I think I'll once again be in the secret room with the pingpong balls -- and before I go in, I'm trying to get a sense of which team has the most riding on the outcome of that little clear machine with the numbered balls whirring around inside. The five teams with the best chances of winning the top overall pick:
What do you think? Which team has the most desperate need for John Wall? Let us know below ...