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Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Who's the title favorite right now?

By Henry Abbott

Los Angeles Lakers
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images Sport
Don't let talk of age and poor effort fool you. The Lakers are fantastic.

Later today I'm going to join Red94's Rahat Huq on a podcast, and he was nice enough to send over some of the questions in advance.

One of them was simple as simple could be: Who's my pick to win this year's title?

Simpler to ask than to answer. I've been stressing it a little.

I picked Miami before the season, but back then Udonis Haslem and Mike Miller were healthy and easy to project as mainstays. More importantly, nobody knew then that so many teams would be in that lead pack.

It's one thing to pick the Heat to make it past the Celtics. It's another thing to pick them to make it through, potentially, the Magic or Bulls, followed by the Celtics and then the Lakers. (Side note: Holy cow are these going to be some juicy playoffs.) When faced with three or even four fairly evenly matched seven-game series, things like luck and health start to play huge roles.

There are arguments for all kinds of teams, in no particular order:
Put it all together, and what do you get?

Who the heck knows?

I'll probably stick with the Heat, 'cause Haslem will return, they're likely still improving, no other team has been in a class above them, and ... nobody likes a flip-flopper. But I have a few hours 'til Rahat calls to mull it over.