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Thursday, May 3, 2007
Worst Player in the League

A brutally honest conversation going on over on the APBRMetrics discussion board. You should read the whole thing but I'll give you some highlights.

For instance, Antoine Walker gets serious consideration, like this from Jim Raynor:

I'm shocked at how bad Walker has been this season. He's always been an inefficient volume shooter, who was overrated in his younger years and probably wouldn't have sniffed a single All-Star game if people looked beyond per-game stats. That said, his PER (which still overrates him because it doesn't consider defense, or how he affects his team) has been above-average in his better seasons, and around decent for the last several. Come on, single digit PER? Career low TS%? This guy's only 30. What happened to him?

A response from KD:

Never learned to shoot, never learned footwork, never developed any moves, never worked on his body. The guy has spent more time in the gym than anyone you can think of, but it's always playing basketball. No drills, no workouts, no one-on-one tutoring. His fall off reminds me of George McGinnis', except that Antoine wasn't nearly as good to begin with.

And some votes for Adam Morrison, including one from a contributor going by the name Flint, who offers a perspective based on the work in the book "Wages of Wins":

His rating is -.175, where +.100 is the average player. He is as far below that average benchmark as Shawn Marion is above it. I dont think there is any question that Morrison is the worst player in the league to play significant minutes. Walker is bad too, but not as bad. I dont know quite what the effect is in terms of wins. Berri could calculate it to his own satisfaction quite easily though. Just eyeballing the numbers it looks like Morrison's presence on the court may have cost the Bobcats at least ten wins, relative to replacing him with an average player. If they do decide to bench him next year, and find a reasonably productive replacement, it would be very interesting to see how much better they get.