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Friday, March 2, 2012
Everything you know about basketball is wrong

By Jim Cavan / KnickerBlogger & Dan Nowell / Magic Basketball

Since 2010, the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference (SSAC) has exploded in size, having grown from 1,000 attendees to somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 million (preliminary estimate based on absolutely no statistical analysis). Why? People want to hear the best, most convincing evidence for things often chalked up to "eye tests" and "gut feelings." Sometimes, however, you come across evidence that is somewhat counter-intuitive. It's in these contrarian moments when our love of sports -- and the NBA in particular -- is put to the test. Does conventional wisdom match up with the evidence experts are gathering? Are experts beginning to develop their own dogmas? This post -- updated regularly throughout the conference -- will be your quick guide to some of the new ideas we're hearing that could very well impact the future of fandom. And so, a few things you thought you knew:
Keep checking up as we continue to catalog the human capacity for folly.

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