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Thursday, February 19, 2009
Kyle Lowry, Come on Down!

You're the next contestant on "See if You Can Stick as the Houston Rockets' Point Guard!"

It's a good news/bad news game. 

The good news is that the long-term starting job is up for grabs.

The bad news is that the Rockets -- with All-Stars like Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady, and now Ron Artest -- have been in need of a point guard for a decade, and now that Rafer Alston has moved on, it's clear no one has stuck.

The good news is that you're no longer stuck behind the emerging Mike Conley.

The bad news is that if you'll have to compete with Aaron Brooks.

The good news is that you're not alone.

The bad news is the sheer number of contestants who have moved on. It's a little daunting. A partial list, from recent years:

(Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images)