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Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Kobe Bryant on Sesame Street

According to this little video preview based on some behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot, the show will air in November.

Of course, between now and November Kobe Bryant has the right to become a free agent and threaten to play for another team.

But I'll tell you what: Kobe Bryant is in a Laker jersey in this footage. And as much as he might be willing to let down Laker fans, no involved parent of young children would dare disappoint Sesame Street.

So, in a terrible case of reading way too much into the tea leaves, I'll place an early bet that Bryant will stay with the Lakers without too much drama.

UPDATE: And in Rick Reilly's must-read Day in the Life of Kobe Bryant story Bryant says he expects to be back.

I was also seriously happy and respectful to learn that the Bryants have no nanny, and that Bryant works out before everyone else wakes up so he doesn't miss any great moments with his kids. I know this set of priorities, and what it feels like when the alarm goes off in the pitch-black morning. I'm just glad that my workouts are two or three hours shorter than his.