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Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Rajon Rondo and Dwight Howard, Around the Web

The NBA announced that Dwight Howard has been suspended for Game 6 of the Magic vs. Sixers series, for throwing an elbow that connected with Samuel Dalembert's head.

I feel that's the right call, after the fact, but remain concerned that the rulebook was ignored during the game.

I'm also convinced whatever happens with Rajon Rondo matters. After reading way too much about those fouls to the head (on a day when, let's be honest, every self-respecting blogger should be writing about the Blazers).

It's about coaching strategy. With the game on the line, and an opponent almost sure to score ... should I have my players hit the shooter in the head? The old idea was to wrap them up. But you have to be close and well positioned to do that. The head ... you can get to that from just about anywhere. And it freaks people out! Makes them miss free throws.

And it all comes down to whether or not that is a flagrant. If a blow to the head is a regular foul, then that's the best course of action in some situations. If a blow to the head is a flagrant, however, well then I'd rather my players didn't do that.