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Wednesday, June 10, 2009
The Magic on the Rebound

Posted by Kevin Arnovitz

In a postseason that lasts more than eight weeks, it's hard to appreciate the full scope of what a team has experienced. While most of us were falling in love with the Boston-Chicago series, the Magic were enduring their own emotional turbulence  -- buzzer-beaters, blown leads, sweet vengeance, a suspension for their franchise player, and more sweet vengeance.  And that was just the first round.

Orlando Bench
Shock and Awe: Not an unfamiliar site on the Magic bench this postseason.
(Jeff Gross/AFP/Getty Images)

"I've said it throughout the season and throughout these playoffs, the one thing that you can't question with our team is their resilience in situations like that," Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy said after his team's Game 3 win over the Lakers. "Whether it's from game to game, minute to minute, our team will keep playing."

Normally these sorts of statements are filled with clichés, but not in Orlando's case. Whether the Magic win the NBA title this season or not, they'll have built up enough scar tissue for future battle. Here's a sample of the gut-wrenching ups-and-downs from the Magic's 2009 playoff odyssey: