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Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Please don't grab Andrew Bogut's nipples

By Justin Verrier

Reggie Evans has always been the touchy-feely type. Andrew Bogut, speaking to an Australian radio station on Tuesday, reminds us just how up close and personal the burly forward is willing to get.

Bogut talks Suarez & recalled Reggie Evans: "As I was arm-barring him just running down the court he grabbed both me nipples & twisted 'em."

— Diamond Leung (@diamond83) June 24, 2014

Bogut on Reggie Evans: "I forearm shivered him, he flops, I get a foul, and he just smiles at me, and I'm just like, 'Mate, come on, man."

— Diamond Leung (@diamond83) June 24, 2014

Andrew Bogut on Reggie Evans incident: "You know, grabbing nipples and balls and stuff like that is a line you just don't cross that line."

— Diamond Leung (@diamond83) June 24, 2014