TrueHoop: Jannero Pargo

Tuesday Bullets

August, 7, 2012
Arnovitz By Kevin Arnovitz
  • NBA stars are severely underpaid vis-a-vis their market value to their sport. They're not the only ones. From Paul Doyle, a track and field agent, via Sports Illustrated and Forbes: "'Bolt is the highest-paid athlete in the history of track and field, but he’s also probably the most underpaid athlete in the history of track and field.' ... His appearance at the Penn Relays in 2010 resulted in the highest single day attendance (54,310) in the event’s 118-year history."
  • Younger (and newer) Clippers fans need to appreciate that if some of the longstanding fans of Clipper Nation seem cautious headed into 2012-13, they have their reasons. From John Raffo of Clips Nation: "I'm old enough (and grey enough) to have seen this before. Twice before. While, admittedly the long winter of the nineties is not nearly as interminable as the distance between 2005-6 and now, but I believe I've learned my lesson. Unless the Clippers are very very careful, unless they commit to inspired coaching and visionary management."
  • As Rob Mahoney writes at The Two Man Game, teambuilding is rarely a linear process. And at Red94, Rahat Huq wonders if most "young cores" are destined to fail.
  • Philadunkia's Tom Sunnergren chats with new Sixer Nick Young. If anyone in Philly has a place to lease, Swaggy P is looking.
  • Former Atlanta Hawks standout Dan Roundfield tragically died while swimming in Aruba. Roundfield was a pro's pro -- a dogged defensive player and a three-time All-Star while with the Hawks. Danny Solomon, a Hawks ballboy during the 1980s and my classmate at the Hebrew Academy of Atlanta, told the AJC's Michael Cunningham that Roundfield was “the nicest dude in the world," but that, "[b]ack then, all the centers were very, very strong. That’s back when it was ‘real’ basketball and if you tried to go to the hole against a guy like Roundfield, you would go straight down to the floor. He was known for being really rough. He was a stud down low."
  • Chris Bernucca of Sheridan Hoops runs down the remainders in the free agent market. The list isn't void of useful players: Carlos Delfino, Anthony Tolliver, Mickael Pietrus and Jannero Pargo might not be world-beaters, but worse players have been signed to guaranteed deals this offseason.
  • When economist Tyler Cowen hosts a talk, he often has the audience write out questions in advance. Cowen says that, at one recent event, "I was asked about Jeremy Lin, and whether he or LeBron James did more to maximize global wealth. I suggested that Lin did more to maximize utility, as his fame in Asia did not much detract from the fame of any other NBA player, but that LeBron did more to maximize wealth, in part through endorsement income."
  • Get ready for the "Obama Classic" with Michael Jordan, Carmelo Anthony and Patrick Ewing.
  • A man from central Illinois is picking up and moving his family to Haiti to build a basketball court and to teach.
  • Attention Phoenix press corps, especially those in the locker room: Kendall Marshall values his personal space.

I know, I know, TrueHoop has been very Hornets heavy recently. There are two good reasons for that:

  • The Hornets are the most exciting team in the NBA right now.
  • The Hornets are the least exposed team in the NBA right now.

Perfect recipe!

Most NBA fans just have not had a chance to get to know this team much so far. They were hardly on TV at all, and back in the early part of the season when they did get some airplay, it was not yet clear that they were elite. 

So, to me, this is fertile territory. Us fans know a fair amount about Tim Duncan. We have had a chance to form impressions about Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Rasheed Wallace, and the like.

But these Hornets -- this is new and exciting. I'm hungry to hear more from the coaching staff, see more of the youngsters, learn more about Tyson Chandler's childhood, and watch more Chris Paul highlights.

Even if the Hornets don't win a title -- even if they lose to the Spurs right here in the second round (the Hornets lead 2-0) -- we're going to look back on these playoffs as the emergence of Chris Paul and the Hornets. 

So, it is in that spirit that I direct your attention to this giddy little video tale of Jannero Pargo, and Tyson Chandler's wife Kim, competing to see who knows Tyson better.

At the end, somebody says off-camera: You guys look so happy together. And Chandler says: "Who: Me and Jannero? Or me and Kim?" Then Kim slaps Tyson. I'm telling you, you need more Hornets in your life.