Behind Enemy Lines: Broncos links

Peyton Manning misses practice!

It certainly makes for a good, screaming headline and it’s accurate. Manning did miss practice Wednesday, the first time he’s done so with Denver. But it also was no big deal – and Manning said he’ll likely be back on the practice field Thursday.

Manning has been beaten up the past two games, sacked four times in a loss to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday and hit hard a few times the previous week versus the Jacksonville Jaguars.

"I plan on being out there [Thursday],'' Manning said. "I'm going to start there."

... So Manning threw some wobbly passes against the Colts (and other teams in the past). So what? And for all the talk about the Colts shutting him down, Manning did fare rather well in the fourth quarter and nearly pulled off the comeback.

... If the Denver Broncos want to win a championship, they’ll need to diversify their offense and start running the ball more (and better). Despite their offensive prowess, they average 3.8 yards per carry, which ranks 22nd in the NFL.

... Manning has Wes Welker and Demaryius Thomas, but Eric Decker might be his favorite target.

... Here’s some good insight from my ESPN.com Broncos counterpart, Jeff Legwold, into Denver’s defense and special teams after what they did against the Indianapolis Colts. It’ll give you a tip or two.

... And here’s one on the offense from Legwold (he’s been on the beat there a while; he knows his stuff). He talks about why Welker is so tough to cover later in games.

... Why Washington Redskins tight end Jordan Reed is a tough matchup for the Broncos.

... More insight from the Denver Post in a Broncos mailbag. You can learn a thing or two here.

... Taking a look at linebacker Von Miller's first game back following his six-game suspension for drugs.