Josh Morgan frustrated with role

ASHBURN, Va. -- He entered the season optimistic that nothing would change, except for the types of plays he made. That’s not how it’s unfolded for Washington Redskins receiver Josh Morgan.

He played with seven screws in his ankle last season, but still caught 48 passes as a starter. The screws are out, but he’s not making plays this season, catching only 11 passes and rotating with Leonard Hankerson.

And that has led to frustration with play time. Morgan said it’s difficult to get into a rhythm when he’s rotating in and out.

“It’s hard, but you can’t do nothing about that,” Morgan said. “You just got to go out there and make the best of whatever opportunities they do give you. It’s definitely hard.

“The more you play, the more you’re into the game and the more you can recognize defenses and adjust on the fly,” Morgan said. “Things like that. You get a better feel for the game and what they’re doing. It’s much different than standing on the sidelines.”

The Redskins do rotate their receivers, with the exception of Pierre Garcon. He’s played at least 53 snaps in each game and is, by far, their best receiver. But the other four wideouts have rotated. One game Leonard Hankerson starts and plays 52 snaps; two games later it’s down to 33. Aldrick Robinson played five snaps in Week 4; seven in Week 6; 12 in Week 7 and, after catching a touchdown pass in that game, 24 in Week 8.

Morgan played 34 snaps in the opener, but hasn’t been above 26 ever since. In the last four games he’s played 19, 17, 26 and 19 snaps. Morgan said he’s not sure why the coaches rotate the receivers this way.

“I don’t know, I just work here,” Morgan said. “I have no idea at all. It was a surprise to most, but I have no clue. I couldn’t tell you. I guess that’s just the way it is and we have to make the best out of every opportunity we’re out there. We just got to do what we can whether we’re comfortable or in rhythm or in the flow of the game or not.”

Garcon is evidence that if you produce, you play. So, too, is tight end Jordan Reed. But Morgan is convinced it doesn’t matter what he does, that his play won’t change his snap count.

“No, no I don’t,” he said. “When we’re out there we just have to do what we’ve got to do to get a win.”

The play time is divvied up based on their game plan for that week. If they feel they can get deep, for example, then Robinson would get more snaps. Nobody is more impacted than Moss, who received 50 snaps in Week 6, 16 a week later and 31 this past Sunday.

“You just have to be ready,” Moss said. “You never know how things will add up. When you play the game as long as most of us have, you find yourself being prepared for whatever.

“It’s about being ready for when they’re ready for you to have it. And if you’re ready, then you don’t ever have to worry about being ready. You never know, that game you’re not expecting it, it might come to you. All I do is prepare myself as much as I can so when that number is called and when I'm able to be who I know I can be, then I'll let everything speak for itself."