Dale Earnhardt Jr. tweets support for Redskins

ASHBURN, Va. -- Dale Earnhardt Jr., is just like a lot of other Washington Redskins fans: long-suffering. That’s why he is embracing this playoff appearance -- and once again making his allegiance known on Twitter.

Earnhardt started following the Redskins about the time they won the Super Bowl in January 1983. But his strong loyalty began as a 9-year-old when he received a Redskins uniform as a gift, including a helmet. And he hasn’t abandoned the franchise despite some lean years over the past 20-plus seasons.

So, yes, he’s a bit fired up over the Redskins’ playoff game against Green Bay on Sunday. Other sports teams in Washington tweeted their support for the Redskins, and Earnhardt joined in with one of his own, wishing them luck.

Earnhardt wasn’t the only celebrity to tweet his support. So, too, did rapper Wale, a Washington, D.C. native who has attended a number of Redskins games.

Earnhardt has attended Redskins practices and games, and admits to doing so with some awe.

He once told ESPN.com about attending one game, "I was standing in a buffet line with Joe Theismann. Joe Gibbs was a half-dozen seats away from me with Redskins owner Dan Snyder studying every play, every route, every blocking assignment. I get asked one question a lot: "What celebrity encounter would render you starstruck?" The answer is simple -- anyone who’s ever strapped on a Redskins helmet, much less coached them to three Super Bowls."