Washington Redskins notes

ASHBURN, Va. -- It's the sort of win that can propel a team. A goal-line stand followed by a drive in overtime to win. Whether it does that for the Washington Redskins remains to be seen.

But coach Mike Shanahan agrees with some of his players that, yes, Sunday's 30-24 overtime win versus the San Diego Chargers can serve as that sort of victory.

"It's great when you can win a game that way," Shanahan said. "That was a big win for us, no question about it."

For it to matter, the Redskins must build on it with a win Thursday at the Minnesota Vikings. Minnesota is1-6, having lost three in a row after Sunday's 27-23 loss at the Dallas Cowboys. Shanahan said he doesn't think it'll take long for his players to focus on the Vikings, despite their record.

"They had the game won [Sunday] and gave it away in the last second," Shanahan said. "A team that played awful tough the whole game. Ran the ball extremely well. Stopped their running game cold. So they were impressive."

In other notes:

  • Shanahan said that both of the blocked kicks resulted from Kai Forbath kicking the ball too low. "First of all, the guy that blocked the first field goal didn't penetrate the line," Shanahan said. "The second one we had to drive it a little bit and that hit the guy in the armpit."

  • The Redskins had a delay of game late in the third quarter, then had to take a time out before the next snap because the play clock was winding down. "Sometimes it's communication, sometimes a person will take off on the wrong side -- he'll hear the formation differently. There are a lot of things that occur but it's embarrassing when that does happen," Shanahan said.

  • Leonard Hankerson started at the Z receiver position and caught five passes for 55 yards. That's one more catch (and 14 less yards) than he had in the previous three games combined. Shanahan said when they watched the film, Hankerson was open quite a bit. "He did a lot of good things that if the quarterback would have looked his way, would he have been open or not? The majority of the time he would have. He played an excellent game," Shanahan said.

  • The Redskins had to put out an injury report, but because they didn't practice it's more of a hypothetical. So this was Shanahan's best guess as to what it would have been had they actually practiced: linebacker London Fletcher (knee), safety Jose Gumbs (ankle), receiver Hankerson (hamstring), running back Chris Thompson (shoulder) would have been limited. Fletcher had fluid drained from his knee.

  • The Redskins don't run the triple option a lot, but it was effective Sunday. It kept the Chargers off-balance and the three times they ran it, the play gained 38 yards (it could have been a lot more had one block not been missed). Later in the game, it opened some holes on the zone-read hand off as the Chargers had to worry about the outside a little more. "The key is to have it in your offense," Shanahan said. "You don't have to run it a lot, but if you do have it in there and you feel like it's going well, you can keep on running it. If not, it may open something else. The more you can do as an offense to keep people off-balance the better off you are."