Jake Plummer's turn on RG III, Shanahan

There’s no need to bombard you with every former player’s thoughts on Robert Griffin III’s benching. But some are more interesting than others, especially when they’re a quarterback who played for Mike Shanahan.

(Given how Donovan McNabb fared in Washington, I won’t be looking at a whole lot of what he had to say. The lack-of-hard-work angle from when he was here did not just come from the coaches. Maybe McNabb did not like some things and has valid points, but he didn’t help his own cause and then by flopping in Minnesota, too, he showed that the problem really was him).

Anyway, USA Today’s Jim Corbett caught up with former Denver Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer. His feelings were more mixed than I anticipated. I don’t really care how about what Plummer thinks about Shanahan’s future in Washington. He can’t provide insight into anything other than his own experiences. And you must also add: Plummer was a better quarterback under Shanahan than he was in Arizona. The fact that Denver went 13-3 and reached the AFC Championship Game with him in 2005 says a lot.

Here’s some of what Plummer had to say in the article:

  • "I just know from my experience sometimes Shanahan would ask too much of me. I was pretty good. But I was no Peyton Manning. I had to fight every day. Mike definitely rubbed me the wrong way in some ways. Also, he did some great things in resurrecting my career. Overall, I was grateful to be coached by him. But I was a square peg in a round hole. I didn't fit what he really wanted me to be, and he moved on to somebody else."

  • "Mike did great things for me in Denver. It's tough to see other guys go through the same situation I went through. Mike will find another job, go do his thing."

  • "[Griffin is not] himself. He still has to work himself back, get back to that level he played his rookie year. What Shanahan is saying now, it looks like he's saving a little bit of face."

  • “The knee injury played into this because I have not seen another quarterback this exciting, maybe other than Randall Cunningham."

  • "It's almost good sometimes to experience some kind of adversity with a year like this that helps you re-focus and work harder. I just wish RG III the best -- keep his head up and just know a lot of people out there are pulling for him. He's got a long career ahead of him."