Redskins vets deal with noise, again

ASHBURN, Va. -- They've been around for situations that rivaled this week, which is why some veteran Washington Redskins players knew how to handle the craziness. But it's also something they hoped would not return.

It's not just a quarterback change. It's the stories about all the relationships in the building, whether or not the head coach was going to quit a year ago, and possible ulterior motives for the latest move.

"Each week it seems like it's something new we're dealing with, some type of outside noise whether we bring it on ourselves or not," Redskins linebacker London Fletcher said. "There's always something we're dealing with. You thought we were away from that. Last year a lot of that stuff had died down. Now it's back. We have to focus on not letting that stuff affect us."

Receiver Santana Moss, who joined the franchise in 2005, is not surprised by what's taken place in recent weeks.

"It's the life I've been going through a lot being a Redskin," Moss said. "It's always something. That doesn't deter what we have to do on the field. [But] the stuff that goes on around the team doesn't bother you from going out and playing football. The thing that bothered this team the most is always the questions about Robert every week. But Sunday that wasn't on our mind. We had to go out and play football…. When it's all over, I want to know what you're going to have next to talk about."

Defensive end Kedric Golston has learned how to cope with this, having arrived in Washington as a sixth-round pick in 2006. Most of it centered on the craziness of Jim Zorn's final season.

"You can allow life to frustrate you if you want to," Golston said. "Part of being a professional is understanding things you can control and can't control and focus on your job. I focus on what my defensive line coach says and what my defensive coordinator says. Anything else can distract you from what the ultimate goal is."

As for the latest move, Moss said he doesn't think Kirk Cousins subbing for Robert Griffin III will provide the offense a shot in the arm.

"It's been a tough season," Moss said. "No player wants to be in Robert's situation right now. You feel for him having to go through it but if it helps him and takes a little off him and give him more time to say this season is behind me let's get ready for next year. Other than that, I don't look at it as a morale booster. Regardless of who the quarterback is, we want to get a W."