Art Briles says he's staying at Baylor

The pairing of quarterback Robert Griffin III and his college coach, Art Briles, does not look like it will take place.

Two days after losing to Central Florida in the Fiesta Bowl, Briles tweeted that, "Contrary to reports and rumors I am a Baylor Bear -- 2013 Big 12 Champs."

Coaches say things like that all the time, not wanting to make it appear to recruits that they might leave. But Briles followed that up by releasing a statement on Baylor's Web site. Also, several sources had said in recent weeks that the Redskins weren't pursuing him, knowing it would put Griffin in a tough spot with the perception that he perhaps got one coach fired and another hired. Multiple players said it would not be wise, with one saying it was a potential "[bleeping]" disaster.

But it's doubtful Briles would tweet what he did and then release a statement if he felt there was a chance he'd leave Baylor.

Here's the full statement:

"I have no desire to pursue other coaching positions. As I’ve said many times, I am both humbled and honored to be the head coach at Baylor University, and believe we have something special going here. I look forward to leading the Bears onto the field next fall at McLane Stadium and defending our Big 12 championship that our players and coaches worked so hard to win this season.

“There is tremendous excitement for our program’s future, and I look forward to many more great seasons at Baylor. There is tremendous commitment from our University leadership, athletic administration, coaches and student-athletes -- it truly is a great time to be a Baylor Bear.”

As for Bill Cowher, the Redskins have denied that they've even spoken to the former Pittsburgh head coach, and multiple sources said he would not be returning to coaching. Cowher told "CBS This Morning" that there was nothing to the reports he was planning on coaching again. He also said the "door is never closed."