Allen: Personnel role is not new

Just a short Q&A with Washington Redskins general manager Bruce Allen from last week. There's nothing revelatory (how's that for getting you to keep reading?), but hopefully he provided a little insight into their coaching search, what they're looking for and the new setup.

You say you want someone with fire in their belly; what does that mean to you?

Allen: Someone who is prepared and wants to prepare the team to compete. There’s a passion that isn’t vocal sometimes. It’s the dedication to the job. You can see it in different ways. Mike Ditka has it and so does Tony Dungy. You’ve seen it in different coaches and it’s not just the fiery people.

Everyone says Dan Snyder wants to win. I’ve heard that for 15 years. Do you think he’s learned how to win?

Allen: Experience is great for everyone. Hopefully I don’t make the same mistakes that I did when I was 20 or 30 or 40 or 50. Experience is valuable. The commitment to winning and the support of it, he’s all in 100 percent.

Obviously you have to learn how to put together an organization. Do you feel he has a good idea of what he wants from a head coach and from the organization that maybe he didn’t have when you first met him?

Allen: It’s hard for me to say about him from before, but I do know I thought it was a great move when he hired Joe Gibbs. There were plenty of people who wanted to hire Coach [Steve] Spurrier and he’s doing great again and just won another bowl game. The commitment we made to Mike [Shanahan] and trying to work with Mike’s vision, he was completely supportive.

In terms of personnel and you being in charge of this area, the assumption is this is a new role for you. Is it?

Allen: No, it’s not new. It will be a Redskins decision. We’ll use the experts from the area scouts to the director of scouting and incorporate the coaching staff, the position coach, the coordinator and the head coach.

Is that how you did it in Tampa?

Allen: And in Oakland.

Is that new for here?

Allen: It’s going to be new because we have new people and we have a new head coach and some new position coaches, but we’re going to dig in a little deeper into the talent pool based on what we’re running, based on the characteristics necessary for the schemes we choose.

How many people will you interview?

Allen: I don’t know. The reason I say that is right now it’s 10 to 12, but if we fall in love [this] week or the week after it might get cut off.