Fan comment prompts RG III response

Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III's Facebook post that explained certain actions resulted from a critical post by a fan -- who was then won over after the response.

A fan posted a long comment on Griffin’s verified Facebook page that read in part, “I supported you in 2012, then came the self glorification in 2013. I am in hopes that this does not continue to occur in 2014.” And: “Why not dress like the rest of the TEAM versus dressing to bring attention to yourself. I just don’t get it.”

There was doubt expressed in the post as to whether Griffin would even see it – or if he had a team that did that sort of work for him.

After Griffin responded -- you can read the news story here -- the fan's tone changed in an ensuing post: “My respect level just went up a notch for you….Once again, thank you for your response and what appeared to be a negative has turned into a positive for look at the numerous replies and the support of the Fans that you have.”

And this was another comment in the post: “I have read so much in the press and Social Media that I no longer know what is the truth and what is simply a 'ploy' to increase income for the source of speculation and rumors at its best.”