Scouting report: Andre Roberts

One of these days, when free agency finally slows (and that day is coming soon), I want to take a more detailed look at some of the Redskins' new free agents. Until then, I'll rely on people who are much smarter and have worked in the game. Like Matt Williamson, a former NFL scout who is now a scout for ESPN. He gave me his take on new Redskins receiver Andre Roberts:

What jumps out at Williamson: "Originally ESPN asked me to come up with five to 10 free-agent bargains. Andre Roberts was one of them. But I didn't think he'd get scooped up this quick or for that money. But apparently the Redskins agreed with me. I liked him more thinking he was a bargain [at a lower price], but I do like him. His production went down quite a bit last year. A big reason was because the line in Arizona was so bad they used more double-tight-end sets as opposed to three-receiver sets than in the past. That's a Bruce Arians thing, too. Michael Floyd stepped up too and he went past Roberts. When Roberts played he played well."

What Williamson likes: "Robert is best in the slot. He's really good after the catch. He's pretty physical. He can take a pounding and break tackles. He'll block for you and he has good speed. Size will always be an issue because he's not 6-foot-3. But he's a quality player coming off a down statistical year. Corners won't push him around through his routes or when competing for balls in the air. He has an aggressiveness to him and plays hard."