Poll results: Redskins need to take a RT

It wouldn’t be a so-called sexy pick; it would be one that pleases a lot of Redskins fans apparently. According to our poll this week, the Redskins need to target one position ahead of all others in the second round: right tackle.

In the poll of 3,172 fans (as of 7 a.m. Thursday), 51 percent of those responding said the Redskins should draft a right tackle with the 34th pick overall. Washington does not draft until Friday’s second round begins.

Though the Redskins could go in a number of ways with this selection, the poll was limited to four areas: right tackle, safety, inside linebacker and pass-rusher (which could be an outside linebacker or a down lineman). There was no trade button because the intent was to see which area you most wanted them to address.

There’s a chance they could end up addressing another position with that pick. But these are the four we picked. Of the other three positions, safety received 27 percent of the vote; inside linebacker garnered 12 percent and pass-rusher only 10 percent.

The Redskins visited with a number of right tackles in the pre-draft process, as well as pass-rushers. It would not stun me to see them select a pass-rusher at 34; they do like a number of them. But it also will depend on who falls to this spot.

As for right tackle, the Redskins could use an upgrade (though Tyler Polumbus was better last season than in 2012 and the bulk of the issues were inside). But it’s not a guarantee that a new tackle will start from Day 1, so Polumbus could still be the guy when the season opens.

Here are what some voters had to say (I pulled these from the comments section):

Chris Jackson: “I say draft a DE if he falls or CB. Safety is weak this year and OT is deep find a good 3rd rounder.”

Ray A. Sanders: “They have to go OL, protect RGIII. He has all these weapons but it does him no good running for his life if he’s hurt.”

Phil Adams: “They need a pass rusher. I think there is enough talent on offense for the Redskins to put up a lot of points. They actually put up decent numbers last year, but the D gave up nearly 30 points per game… They need to put pressure on opposing QBs so they don’t continue to tee off on our defense every week.”

A.E. Eckert: “Unless an early 1st round talent at CB, Safety, or ILB falls that far you really want that right tackle. Looking for a Jon Jansen type of player (without the injuries) who can be steady there for a while. Give RG3 the time and he has enough weapons to score points.”

Jason Martin: “I’d grab either a safety or a tackle, but based on BPA first. As long as we pick a good player who can contribute early and don’t reach, I’m happy.”