Poll results: Moses is the people's choice

Either they don’t have a lot of faith in the Redskins’ first selection. Or they have a ton of faith in their second one. Either way, based on our poll, Redskins fans view Morgan Moses as the player who will be the best from Washington’s draft class.

Meanwhile, second-round pick Trent Murphy finished third.

Moses received 48 percent of the 6,436 votes cast compared to 19 percent for Murphy. Fourth-round corner Bashaud Breeland was one spot ahead of Murphy with 20 percent of the votes.

It’s understandable: Murphy was not someone who made a lot of "wow" plays in college, though he clearly was an effective player. He’s not dynamic, relying more on strong hands than explosive feet. But he’s also someone the Redskins say can help provide a pass rush and will help on special teams.

Moses was considered a first-round pick by some analysts, though his play in college did not match that assessment. He was inconsistent in protection and struggled to get to linebackers on run plays. Still, he’s considered good value in the third round because of his athleticism.

Guard Spencer Long did receive at least one mention (by the way, he tore his MCL last season, not his ACL). He’s a guy who could surprise.

Running back Lache Seastrunk received 9 percent of the votes. The remaining 4 percent went to other (we could only include four players on the poll, so the final 4 percent went to the other four players drafted).

Here are some responses, including one succinct – and quite optimistic – take on Moses:

Nicholas Mcconneyhead: “Moses will be the starting right tackle and maybe Pro Bowl selection.”

Art Solano: “The hidden gem here is Lache. This RB was a steal. Once he learns not to bounce too much outside, he is capable of challenging Morris for the spot. This guy can explode for touchdowns. It was a great insurance pickup in case Morris gets hurt or needs a breather.”

Brandon Willis: “It feels weird to call our first pick a sleeper here, but that's what it seems like given some of the comments I've seen about Murphy. I think Moses will start sooner rather than later at RT and I think both Breeland and Seastrunk will produce fairly well considering where they were drafted. But Murphy gets my vote. He's got decent athleticism and a good motor. I see him bringing good energy to the D and special teams and getting a handful of sacks coming off the bench.”

Steve Davis: I know that the receiver Grant seems a puzzling pick to some, but it seems that the kid has good hands and runs crisp routes. I think Wes Welker when I see him (maybe my "reach"). As much as we want to see the present receivers developed, they have been disappointing. Height and speed mean little if you can't get separation. I think Grant will be the future slot receiver and may excel.”

Dan Chang: “I'm thinking Moses like most others, but I'm really hoping it's Breeland. The secondary has been a sieve and while Meangelo had a good year, he's (or Porter) clearly not a long-term solution. Plenty of decent-to-good CBs have come out of the middle rounds, so hopefully we managed to ID and snag one.”