Getting to know: Chris Baker

Each week I'll feature a different Washington Redskins player, asking them a handful of questions that, hopefully, gives you more insight into who they are away from the field.

Player: Chris Baker

Age: 26

Position: Defensive end/nose tackle

College: Hampton

Year in NFL: 3rd

Best season: 2013. He had 27 combined tackles and one sack.

Biggest obstacle overcome in your life: Being able to make positive decisions in a negative environment, seeing trouble and learning to go away from it rather than going to it. My time at Penn State, when I got kicked out for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It could have been avoided if I went the other way. It was a test from God and you have to learn from those whether it’s good or bad.

Best football memory: I’d have to say my first sack last year. You always remember your first sack -- I got mine against [Jay] Cutler.

Most overrated part of the NFL: Everyone knows your salary so you can’t tell people no when they ask you for money.

Most underrated: I don’t know.

Person you most admire: My dad. He’s a hard worker and instilled hard work in the way I conduct myself. It’s just the way he acts, the way he works so hard, the way he treats my mom and treated me and my sister. He’s a corrections officer. He was tough but at the same time he’s loving and caring.

Something people wouldn’t realize about you: I’d say it’s that I’m a great dancer. Anytime I make a big play I want to get up and dance. [Jason] Hatcher calls me the Big Wiggle since I’m always wiggling around with no shirt on.

Favorite off-field activity: I like to cook. I’m a really good cook. I can cook steak, salmon with crab in the middle. My wings are really good. I just put them on the grill and let the grill take care of it. They’re really good. They fall right off the bone. Most big guys can cook.

Topic you enjoy talking about the most: I have my foundation, the Chris Baker Foundation. I’m passionate about giving back to the less fortunate and through mentorships. A lot of kids can learn from my mistakes and my story. I like to give back to the kids any way I can.